A Free Book For You!

Instead of a blog today, let me give you a gift from my heart.

I want to offer you a free download of the book written by my siblings and me.  It’s entitled “Musings, Meditations, and Memories of One Slightly Dysfunctional American Family.”

Below is the blurb, featured on the book, which gives you an idea of what the book is about.  It is followed by a review from MidWest Book Review.

If you would like to enjoy a free download of our book, please input your e-mail address and the words “Send Book” in the comment section “Leave A Reply” at the end of this page. I will e-mail you a copy to be read on-line or downloaded at your convenience. I hope you take advantage of this offer. I don’t believe you will be disappointed!

Book Blurb: When you yearn for a moment of peace and simplicity, far from the hectic pace of daily life, open the pages of “Musings, Meditations, and Memories of One Slightly Dysfunctional American Family.” Relish nostalgic stories that will trigger memories of your own childhood days. Feed your spirit by reading meditations that will center your focus on the One who longs to be the center of our lives. Be encouraged by stories of answered prayers and God’s intervention in the lives of ordinary people. The now grownup Harper Kids – Linda, Karen, Mike, and Patti offer to share with you lessons learned, prayers answered, blessings bestowed, and the fun involved in being part of this slightly dysfunctional American family.

MidWest Book Review

Shirley Priscilla Johnson

5.0 out of 5 stars


Reviewed on July 31, 2004

I suppose all of us could look back at our lives and our families and feel that our experiences would make a great book. The memories that made us smile, brought forth tears, increased our faith, and made us a family are so precious to us.

However, the question always is there whether others will enjoy sharing what is so deep within our hearts. It is a gamble, but one that I feel this family has won.

As I read the different stories and adventures, the memories and the heart of these siblings, I was drawn into their world. I found they openly shared their emotions with stark honesty. Whether it was fear, quiet trust in God, anger and hurt over broken relationships, heartbreak of death, or sweet fragrance of victory in life; they wrote words from the voice of their spirit to share, and I feel perhaps help, another soul along the journey of life.

If you want to read a work that has words from open hearts and deep convictions, this is the one for you. You will smile, shed a few tears, and realize that no family is perfect, no life is without challenges, but you will know that it is through these experiences that you become a family; sharing life is what a family is all about. This work is a sweet reminder of that.

Shirley Johnson, Senior Book Reviewer – MidWest Book Review



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