Surrounded by Mountains

I woke up with a choke and a snort around two o’clock in the morning, which probably means my snoring was at buzz-saw level.  Groggy but awake, I looked around the room.  Light from my neighbor’s porch seeped in around the edges of my window shade, so that instead of pitch-dark blackness, I saw blurry shapes and shadows.  I put on my glasses, so things weren’t quite so blurry . . . except in my mind.

As I stumbled to the bathroom in my groggy state, I imagined the shadows were mountains.  I pictured myself surrounded by those mountains.  The mountains represented seemingly insurmountable obstacles that I and many of my friends have been facing.  I started thinking about those mountains, and they loomed even larger; family and friends who have lost their jobs; friends enduring sickness, facing surgery, and battling cancer; people I care about struggling in their marriages or with their finances. Mountains . . . and more mountains . . . huge mountains.

Then I remembered a Bible study I had taught on Psalm 121.  God is good to bring His word to your mind just when you need it! 

“I raise my eyes toward the mountains.  Where will my help come from?”  I could imagine the despair in the Psalmist’s heart as he faced his mountains and wondered, “Who will help me?”  His answer, “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”  Things weren’t so blurry any more, at least not in my mind.

I thought about the heart of this Psalm.  “The Lord protects you.”  If we could read the original version of Psalm 121 written in Hebrew, we would see that there are fifty-eight Hebrew syllables preceding this phrase (the Lord protects you), and fifty-eight Hebrew syllables following it.  And right there smack-dab in the middle of the Psalm is our hope.  “The Lord protects you!”  Or as another version of the Bible says, “The Lord is your keeper!”  

Those mountains in my mind disappeared in the mist of that early morning hour.  My Heavenly Father made all of heaven and earth.  What are a few mountains to Him?  He can flatten a mountain with a word.  “Every valley shall be lifted up and every mountain and hill be made low; the uneven ground shall become level, and the rough places a plain” (Isaiah 40:4).  All things are possible with God.

God is my protector and my keeper.  So, whether He removes my mountains or gives me strength to climb them, I will not be alone.  The Lord will protect both my coming and going, now and forever (Psalm 121:8).  He will be your protector and keeper, too.  Just ask Him.

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